ServiceNow Connector

Search across your ITSM tasks (incidents, service requests, etc.) and knowledge base articles in ServiceNow.

The ServiceNow connector will index:

  • IT Service Management (ITSM) tasks - such as incidents, service requests, problems - including work notes and comments.
  • Knowledge bases (KBs) and KB articles.

The ServiceNow connector supports all releases from ServiceNow San Diego to the latest.

Note: If you need support for additional modules (e.g. Security Operations) with fields that aren’t indexed in the base tasks, contact your Atolio support team.

Install ServiceNow Update Set

The Atolio ServiceNow plug-in is available as an update set (XML file). The update set will be provided by your Deployment Engineer (from the Atolio GitHub repository) or your Atolio support team. From ServiceNow documentation, follow the steps below to Commit an update set.

  1. Elevate privileges to the security_admin role:
  1. Navigate to System Update Sets > Retrieved Update Sets.
  2. Click the link to Import Update Set from XML. Upload the XML file provided previously.
  3. The application is now available as a retrieved update set with state Loaded. Click on Atolio Connector to open the update set.
  4. If necessary, skip or accept updates to resolve any problems.
  5. Click Commit Update Set to install the application.

Note: You can view the Commit log by navigating to System Update Sets > Update log and filtering to the Atolio Connector Update set.

Setup Application Credentials

First, create an application user by:

  1. Navigating to System Security > Users and Groups > Users.
  2. For User ID, choose an appropriate name, e.g. atolio_connector. Click Submit.
  3. In the new user record that you just created:
  • Under Roles, click Edit... and add x_penti_atolio.atolio_connector to the Roles List before clicking Save.
  • Click Set Password to generate a password for this application user.

Next, enable the connector API by:

  1. Under the Atolio Connector application, navigate to Integration - Atolio Connector > Administration > Properties.
  2. If necessary, enable the connector’s API and integration with ServiceNow Knowledge Management.

Provide Configuration

Provide the following values to your Deployment Engineer for them to configure in Atolio:

  • Instance URL is the URL of your ServiceNow tenant.
  • Username is the User ID of the application user you created, e.g. atolio_connector.
  • Password is the password of the application user you created.