Salesforce Connector

Index top level resources such as Accounts, Contacts, Cases, Opportunities, Leads by installing a Connected App.

The Salesforce connector enables the indexing of Salesforce objects, such as Accounts and Opportunities, using the Salesforce REST API by creating a Connected App in your Salesforce instance.

Setup Connected App

Note: The setup assumes that you are using the lightning experience of Salesforce.

As a best practice, we recommend creating a new user account or identifying an existing user account to be used for integrations. The profile for this user account will be given access to the Connected App in a later step.

  1. As an administrator, navigate to Setup.
  2. Under “Platform Tools”, go to “Apps” -> “App Manager”.
  3. Create a “New Connected App”.
  • Choose a Connected App Name and API Name, e.g. Atolio.
  • Choose an email for Contact Email.
  • (Optional) For Logo Image URL and/or Icon URL, you can use the Atolio logo here.
  1. Under API (Enable OAuth Settings), select Enable OAuth Settings.
  • For Callback URL, enter a valid URL (e.g. https:/) - Atolio does not use this login flow for authentication.
  • For Selected OAuth Scopes, add the “Manage user data via APIs (api)” scope.
  • Click the Enable Client Credentials Flow and select OK on the prompt below.
  1. Click “Save”, then “Continue” to create the Connected App.
  2. When your Connected App has been provisioned, go back to “App Manager” and choose “Manage” from the actions drop-down for your Atolio connected app.
  3. Click on “Edit Policies”.
  • Under “OAuth Policies”, for Permitted Users select the “Admin approved users are pre-authorized” option.
  • Under “Client Credentials Flow”, set the Run As to the desired user mentioned above.

Next, you will add the “Connected App Access” to the profile of the user you selected above.

  1. From Setup, navigate to “Users” -> “Users” and find your desired integration user. Click on their “Profile” to open the Profile page.
  2. Click “Edit”, then click the checkbox to enable your new Connected App for this user profile.
  3. Save those changes.

Provide Configuration

To obtain the necessary client credentials:

  1. Go back to “App Manager” and choose “View” from the actions drop-down for your Atolio connected app.
  2. Under “API (Enable OAuth Settings)”, click the “Manage Consumer Details” button for the “Consumer Key and Secret”.
  3. Copy the “Consumer Key” and “Consumer Secret” to be shared with your Deployment Engineer.

Provide the following values to your Deployment Engineer for them to configure in Atolio:

  • base_url is the URL of your Salesforce tenant, e.g.
  • client_id is the “Consumer Key” of the connected app you created.
  • client_secret is the “Consumer Secret” of the connected app you created.