Notion Connector

Index databases, pages, and comments in Notion.

The Notion connector indexes databases, pages, and comments across your Notion workspace.

Create the Notion integration

As an administrator, you can either follow the steps below or navigate directly to My Integrations:

  1. Click on Settings & members.
  2. Under Workspace, click on Connections.
  3. Click the link for Develop or manage integrations.

Create a new Internal integration by following the steps below:

  1. Choose the associated workspace and give it an appropriate name, e.g. Atolio.
  2. (Optional) Use the Atolio logo here, if needed.
  3. Under Secrets, copy the Internal Integration Secret to share with your Deployment Engineer.
  4. Under Capabilities:
  • Only “Read content” and “Read comments” are necessary. The other permissions can be removed.
  • Ensure that “Read user information including email addresses” is enabled.
  • Click Save changes.

Once the integration has been created, provide the secret copied above to your Deployment Engineer for configuration in your Atolio deployment.