SharePoint Connector Setup

Provide necessary API permissions to index SharePoint sites.

Index SharePoint sites, pages, and files by granting the necessary API Permissions in your App Registration.

Grant SharePoint API Permissions

After following the steps in Entra ID - Create New App Registration to create a new App Registration, you will need to add additional API permissions to index SharePoint resources.

In addition to the Entra ID permissions listed in the Microsoft Connector for the Microsoft Graph, you will also need:

  • Under Microsoft Graph API:
    • Files.Read.All
    • Sites.Read.All
  • Under SharePoint API:
    • Sites.Read.All
    • User.Read.All
    • Sites.FullControl.All (This permission may look out of place. Unfortunately it is the least privileged permission when obtaining Site & Site Page/Drive Permissions)
  • Once added, select Grant admin consent for ... where ... is your tenant name. This link is beside the Add a permission link.

Determine Indexing Scope

If you have many SharePoint sites, it may be worth using the includes feature explained in the Common Fields: Resources section to index only the relevant sites.