Atlassian Bitbucket Connector

Index repositories, projects, pull requests, commits, and comments in Bitbucket.

The Atlassian Bitbucket connector indexes repositories, projects, pull requests, commits, and comments across your Bitbucket instance.

The connector supports Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud.

Installing the Bitbucket App Descriptor

In order to target your specific Atolio deployment, the Atlassian Bitbucket connector requires a private listing to be installed instead of the Atlassian marketplace version. This can be disabled again after the connect app is installed.

In your Bitbucket instance:

  1. Under Settings -> Workplace settings, navigate to Installed apps under the APPS AND FEATURES section.
  2. After clicking Enable development mode, click the link for Install app from URL.
  1. Specify the URL provided by your Deployment Engineer. It will be similar to the following with your chosen DNS name:
  • Note: if you have multiple Bitbucket instances, please make sure to provide the correct instance name in the URL above (i.e. default in the example).

Once the Atolio Connect app has been installed, the configuration will be stored securely in your Atolio deployment. You can now disable the development mode as needed.